What is a Retreat?

Jesus invites His disciples, “Come away to a lonely place all by yourselves and rest a while.” [Mark 6:31]. A retreat responds to that invitation as persons gather in quiet to listen to God’s Spirit and pray. Prayer means being mindful of God, as God is mindful of you. Prayer is as natural to those who accept Jesus Christ as breathing is to any human being. Discovering or deepening in your own way to pray is an important outcome of a retreat. A retreat invites you to look at yourself and your life world as they really are, setting aside all illusion and self-deception. Each person is unique and unrepeatable, and each of us is called by God in a personal vocation. We all face personal struggles and issues, yet these look a lot alike and we confide in Jesus Christ who shares them with us. You can be confident that the retreat experience will guide you to enter deeply into the revelation made in Jesus Christ and open you to greater spiritual freedom. A retreat will gently ask that you look at your relationships: with God, with your spouses and families, with friends, with your church, with your own life world — and with you own self. And you will hear Jesus Christ saying to you. And you will hear Jesus Christ saying to you “Do not be afraid.” In a retreat, you learn that you are precious in God’s eyes, and He loves you.